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I always think that packaging is such an important part of a product. I opened my shop on Monday and I am very chuffed to say I've had a few orders in already (something I was sure wouldn't be happening for at least a month).

As I have been packaging up my orders and getting them ready to be shipped it has made my head burst with lots of ideas on how to present my jewellery. For the moment I am placing my jewellery pieces into the cardboard boxes (providing them with fluffy protection too). Then attaching my tag to the necklace or the brooch, sealing the box, placing my Lea Lou branded sticker in the middle and finally tying wool around the box, finishing this off with a lovely bow on top. I thought the wool would be a nice touch with my first collection being woodland. I always associate the word woodland with wrapping up to keep warm and having a cosy night in next to the fire.

Over the next few days I will be experimenting with a range of different packaging ideas. I will keep you all informed but for now, I'm quite fond of how it's going :)

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