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A Bit Of Cake And Drawing

Hello hello!

The week has gone super fast and I can't believe it's Sunday already! I'm very much counting down the days till Thursday as I will be on my way to Edinburgh with my beloved.

I have been busy eating cake, taking a gorgeous Labradoodle on walks, ordering samples, designing some new additions to the Woodland and Winter Woodland collection and looking at a snail happily sitting on my front door. Doesn't the cake look amazing? Well it surely tasted amazing too!

In one of the photos I am holding teeny tiny charms. These charms are sample earrings that I have been playing about with. I've made a few tweaks to them and sent off for my bulk orders yesterday. These will hopefully be available on my Etsy shop next weekend. A new design will be added to the earrings too, the Woodland Butterfly (pictured below). The Woodland Butterfly will also be available as a brooch and a necklace...oooo!

The Woodland Dragonfly and Winter Woodland Gingerbread Man are also new designs..yipee! The dragonfly will make a wonderful, unique brooch or necklace. Not forgetting to mention the gingerbread man which is such a cute, festive (yes that's right I'm thinking of Christmas already) piece of jewellery to wear as earrings or a brooch.

Right that's me for now.

Thanks for reading :)

Winter Woodland

This bank holiday weekend has been a great one! Filled with lots of food, drawing, walks and trips to the cinema, not to forget looking after a gorgeous Labradoodle (shame I have to return him on Friday).

I love weekends where I feel really inspired and raring to go with my ideas. So during the bank holiday I decided to work on a few things I had brewed up for the new collection, Winter Woodland. Winter Woodland is especially made for Christmas, spinning out from the Woodland collection.

Below is a sneak preview of what's to come. There will be necklaces, brooches and earrings available, wrapped up in special Christmas paper, perfect as a gift or stocking filler. You will be able to buy the Winter Woodland Robin as a set (earrings and necklace) as part of a special Christmas offer.
The new collection will go live on Etsy in mid September. Keep watching this space for more updates.

Work Space

This weekend I sat down and thought about my studio space. My studio space is somewhere I create, putting all my ideas that are bouncing around my head onto paper. So of course it has to be an environment I love and feel happy to spend time in. I spent a few hours getting this how I wanted it to be and absolutely love it now!

I will be adding more inspiring pin ups and objects to my space as the weeks go on. But for now my lovely bunting, postcards, wonderful creative quotes, brightly coloured boxes and random bits and bobs make this space a great place to work in :)

A Lovely Little Gift

I have been busy preparing an order for The Woodland Pink Flower Necklace today which has given me a wonderful splash of inspiration for my final packaging. I want people to see my branding as 'lovely', 'cute' and 'wearable' for all ages. The paper bags and ribbon seem to be a nice touch with the floral logo (and I hope you all agree). I have used the cardboard box and stickers for my previous orders but I think this works in a better way, with the jewellery item inside the paper bag rather than just the box in an envelope.

When your order arrives you will open the box to find a paper bag to unwrap, revealing your lovely piece of jewellery, ideal to use as an unique gift for yourself, friends and family.

Packaging, Packaging, Packaging

I always think that packaging is such an important part of a product. I opened my shop on Monday and I am very chuffed to say I've had a few orders in already (something I was sure wouldn't be happening for at least a month).

As I have been packaging up my orders and getting them ready to be shipped it has made my head burst with lots of ideas on how to present my jewellery. For the moment I am placing my jewellery pieces into the cardboard boxes (providing them with fluffy protection too). Then attaching my tag to the necklace or the brooch, sealing the box, placing my Lea Lou branded sticker in the middle and finally tying wool around the box, finishing this off with a lovely bow on top. I thought the wool would be a nice touch with my first collection being woodland. I always associate the word woodland with wrapping up to keep warm and having a cosy night in next to the fire.

Over the next few days I will be experimenting with a range of different packaging ideas. I will keep you all informed but for now, I'm quite fond of how it's going :)

Woodland Collection Now Available

I am very excited to announce that my shop is now open for all you lovely lot to start wearing my handmade jewellery!

The Woodland Collection is available to buy on Etsy. So far there are eight items to choose from, two brooches and six necklaces. Earrings will be coming soon so watch this space!

If you are interested in the jewellery but have any special requirements then please don't hesitate to contact me :)


Hello Everyone!

Hi guys

I am very happy to say that my website is now up and running. So pleased that I can finally have my handmade jewellery up for you all to see :)

As this is my first ever post I thought it would be nice to introduce myself and let you get a feel for what I do.

I'm Lea Lou, I like to make unique and wonderful pieces of jewellery for all you lovely people to wear. I start by drawing what inspires and interest me, as well as my most favourite things in life like nature and animals. I create a variety of patterns within my illustrations and then have a play around with these on Photoshop. These designs then get printed onto Birch Plywood, making them wearable pieces of jewellery. Everything is designed and made by me.

Like what you hear? Have a snoop round my first ever collection, The Woodland Collection. I really hope it tickles your fancy! My shop will be launched very soon but in the meantime don't stay a stranger, keep in touch! Come back to read my blog with all my thoughts, ramblings, inspirations and adventures within the makings of Lea Lou.

Thanks for reading!

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